Howdy! We are J→ Livestock: Jerry, Megan, Coyle and Teale.
We specialize in horses for the ranch, arena, trail and show pen!

  • I imagine I have put about 50 miles on Smoke (I thought that fit him better).  I want to thank you as he is exactly as represented.  He is totally unflappable even when I put him in some rough country.  He is always willing and picks his way through any obstacles.  He has a kind way about him, has great ground manners, and is truly a pleasure to be around.  I am amazed that he is so even when he just turned 6.  Thank you so much for recommending him as a fit for me.

    • Carolyn C.
    • Bought Givemiabail from Western Wyoming Select Gelding Sale
  • Megan, I just wanted you to know how much we absolutely love Peppsy.  He is such a treasure, in the arena and in the mountains.  Peppsy competed in September at his very first shoot and brought home some $$, I am so excited for Arizona this winter! Peppsy is the perfect fit for me, thank you!

    • Cheri
    • Bought Peppsy from the Ranch
  • When we met Jerry and Megan of J Arrow Livestock we were strangers but by the end of interactions with them, they were more like friends. We bought our mule, Hatfield, from them in June of 2019 and he is absolutely everything they said he was and he does everything they promised he could do with no surprises...

    • Earl and Reneau
    • Bought Hatfield at Jake Clark's Mule Days
  • I purchased Lute from them at league of legends horse auction and he’s everything they said he would be and more. They are both so honest and really go the extra mile to make sure they match you with the right horse. They are not only sellers but match makers...

    • Mindy
    • Bought Lute from League of Legends Horse Sale
  • ...Cannot tell you how much we have been enjoying Biscuit. What a great job you two did with him. The farrier is coming this week. I've just been riding in a snaffle and getting along great. Just got in from a nice ride and has not made a misstep yet! ...

    • Pam T.
    • Bought Biscuit from League of Legends Horse Sale

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