2007 Buckskin Quarter Horse Gelding
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 Sells at SMB Horse Sale February in Salina Utah 

15'1 Hand 2007 AQHA Gelding: Here’s one exceptional gelding! Casey is absolutely beautiful to look at, trained the very best, and double gentle for anyone! Been used on ranches from Florida to Idaho. He was reigning trained, knows all maneuvers, and is EASY to ride and go show if you want. You can rope on him inside or out of the arena, will run to cattle good, and has lots of rate. Has been shot off of as well. Aren’t many like him around let alone for sale. Stands 15’1 weighs 1250 lbs and wears a size one shoe. A very people friendly horse that is eager to please. Please call for more info 541 263 1479

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Teninos Baron
Jae Bar Dutch
Tenino Tuffy
Jae Bar Taffy
Barons Cream Pie
Mr Baron Red
Watch Joes Song


Pattis Cool Star

Buddys Black Diamond
Heza Buddy
Bubblin Bay Lady
Skips Cool Patti
Ima Cool Skip
Fat Baby Pat

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